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My name is Aurore, 36 years old, mummy of 2 kids, 11 years ago, I moved from La Côte d’Azur to live in beautiful Zürich.

I am passionate about Interior Design, Architecture, History, Handwork, all these contributed to the foundation of Hush et Home Studio in 2020.

I wanted to Light Up The Moment by creating amazing smelling candles and reed diffusers without compromising the environment. My philosophy is committed to supporting our planet - I have selected materials that are sustainable, reusable, natural, local and safe for the environment. All items are of the best quality possible and have been tested thoroughly.

Our candle making is artisanal and with 100% natural wax. The combining soy & coconut wax improves the diffusion of the perfume. The FSC wood wick ensures efficient combustion. Our organic-based vegan diffuser base sourced from renewable resources, is made from 100% vegetable glycerin and is completely biodegradable. Perfumes and waxes are made without phthalates and no (CMR) substances. Each product is unique and handmade with love and great skill.

100% Made in Switzerland